If you need to end a series of recurring appointments early you can do so by editing a future event in the series and clicking delete. 

1. Go to the Client's profile > Click Appointments located on the left

2. Go to the next future appointment in the list of appointments and click on the appointment link.
3. It will ask if you want to edit the occurrence or the series, choose series:

4. Click the Delete button on the appointment window:

5. You will then be asked if you want to permanently delete the event. Click "ok."

All future appointments are now deleted.

Notes on deleting recurring appointments:

If the client is archived this will not be successful since archiving clients does not delete appointments. You must reactivate the client and then follow the steps above to delete. Once the series has been deleted you may archive the client again. The same goes for if a staff member is archived. You must reactivate the staff member, delete the series, then deactivate the staff member again. 

If you cannot find the series on the calendar but see it on the client's appointment list check your filters for your calendar to make sure you're pulling in the appointment. 

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