This report gives the per-day billing totals from kept/invoiced appointments and can be used to track practice-wide revenue. The totals shown in this report are based on the applied date range filters below.

You can run a Daily Billing report by clicking Reports > Billing > Daily Billing 

You can use the Date Range, Staff and Location options on the left to filter the report.

The report will filter information by:

- Service Date: date of service listed on the invoice
 - Payment Date: date the payment was entered on ledger ("Date" on payment details)

Unassigned = Unapplied Payments/Credits on ledger
 Deactivated staff and archived staff are included.

The Daily Billing report will show the Date of Service under the Date column in the report. The services included in the invoices will appear to the right of the client’s and staff member’s names.

An example of service date pulled in the report by Date, Service on the invoice.

The Daily Billing report will pull in service dates based on the  Date, Service on invoices.

An example of a payment pulled on the report by Payment Date.

The Daily Billing report will pull in payments based on the Date the payment was entered in TheraNest.

If a payment amount is showing as  *Unassigned* it has not been applied to an invoice. It is sitting in the Unapplied Payment/Credits section of the ledger.

View of the *Unassigned* payment in the ledger.

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