This report displays how much each Staff Member has billed and collected for their services provided within the specified date range.

The Staff Billing report pulls data based on the Service Date or Invoice Date and Payment Date.

The report will filter by:

  • Service Date: by the Date, Service listed on the invoice


  • Invoice Date: Date the bill was created


  • Payment Date: date the payment was entered on ledger ("Date" on payment details)
  • Staff Member: who is entered under General Information on the invoice

*Unassigned* = Unapplied Payments/Credits on ledger

Deactivated staff and archived staff are included.

1. Go to Reports > Billing > Staff Billing on the left menu.

2. Set the Date Range, Staff, and Location. Click Run Report.

An invoice example for where the data for the report is pulled from.

Note: You can always set how many clients you can see on the screen by clicking the number of entries on top of the report from 10, 25, 50 & 100. 

You can also copy or download the CSV, Excel, and PDF version directly to your computer by clicking the CSV and PDF on the upper right tab.

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