Individual Client Statements

You can complete a Statement for an individual client from their ledger. 

1. To create a Statement go to the client's Ledger and click Statement.

2. You will need to filter the Statement by Start Date and End Date.

You can also include Superbill-level data, so the client can submit the Statement for insurance reimbursement.

You can also  Exclude Zero Amount Invoices and Exclude Insurance Responsibility by checking the boxes below the End Date. 

3. After you have set the date range click Apply to generate the Statement. 

4. A Statement will include the amount billed, service date, service type, payment date, payment amount and payment method. 

The client's Statements can be downloaded as a PDF and printed by clicking Print. 

You are also able to email the Statements to the clients from within the application by clicking Email to Client.

Here is an example of a printed Statement. 

The Statement emailed to a client will arrive as a PDF attachment in the email and look the same as when it is printed from TheraNest. 

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