If you are using Office Ally as your clearinghouse to submit claims through TheraNest you will want to make sure that you have completed all necessary EDI and ERA forms to ensure your claims are processed and paid as quickly as possible.

EDI Enrollment

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is the action of sending your claims files electronically to the payer. Many insurance companies require EDI enrollment paperwork to be complete before the clearinghouse can send your claims electronically.

In these cases, before the EDI enrollment is complete TheraNest transmits the claims to Office Ally, then Office Ally prints the claim and mails a paper copy to the payer. 

Paper claims increase processing time causing delays in provider payments. Several payers do not accept paper claims anymore and will deny your claims until you are enrolled in EDI. 

You can easily complete your EDI enrollment paperwork by clicking on the link below:

                            Office Ally EDI Enrollment 

You can search for the payers that you work with and complete any required forms. 

ERA Enrollment

ERA or Electronic Remittance Advice is the electronic explanation of how a claim processed from the payer. 

Payers can send  your ERA's to Office Ally. Then, TheraNest can automatically upload an ERA's that are available on Office Ally's server. 

Similar to EDI, many payers require ERA enrollment to be completed before they will send your ERA' to Office Ally. 

You can complete any required ERA enrollment paper work by clicking on the link below

                            Office Ally ERA Enrollment 

From here you can search for the payers that you work with to complete any necessary forms. Note: it can take payers up to 45 days to process ERA enrollment paperwork. 

If you have any other questions about EDI or ERA enrollment you can reach Office Ally support at 1-360-975-7000 option 1. Or, send them an email at support@officeally.com

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