A service or procedure can be further described by using 2-digit modifiers. You Payer (insurance) will be the one to dictate to you which modifier they want you to use. TheraNest cannot instruct or advise what modifiers should be used. We can only instruct where they can be added. 

Modifiers need to be attached to the service or CPT code. To do this you will need to add or edit an existing service type to include that code. Only TheraNest staff members with Administrative permissions will be able to do this.

  1. Go to Organization > Settings > Service Types
  2. Find the existing service type you need to add a modifier to and choose edit. You will then see the option to add code modifiers. Search and choose from the options served to you. The section lives below the CPT code and above the Time Units. 
  3. Click Save

If you're submitting to multiple payers keep in mind they might require different modifiers for the same CPT code. In that instance you will need to have separate service types with modifiers for each payer.
Example: Telehealth. BCBS may require you use 95 and Aetna may require you use GT. You will then need two separate service types with two different modifiers. Follow the steps here to add a new service type. 

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