If you have already created a profile for the client in TheraNest, you can invite that client to the portal using the same portal settings. You must have Administration permissions to invite clients to the Client Portal. 

See video here!

Navigate to Organization > Client Portal > Settings 

On the bottom left side of the page is where you can invite clients. If a client's name is highlighted in green, they have already created a client portal profile. If their name is not highlighted in green, you can still invite them the client portal.

Search for the client's name in the Search box, or find clients' names in the list.

Check the box next to the client(s) you want to invite and click the Invite to Client Portal button.

You will then be presented with the option to customize the invite message for that particular client or set of clients:

You can add and remove any text from the message as well as use TheraNest placeholders to populate information in your message. You can even mark the box to save it for later use. 

You can then preview the message and send to the client.

Clients will then receive an email sent from the staff member who did the inviting. The email will look like this:

All they have to do is create a password once the join button is clicked

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