Accepting Credit Card Payments

Note: First, you'll need to be set up to accept credit card payments under your organization settings.  

There are three different options when it comes to accepting credit card payments. All take place in the client’s ledger.

Option 1. Accept Payment Button

1. To accept a payment from a client click the Accept Payment button on the client’s ledger.

2. Select invoice you wish to apply the payment to. Choose Credit/Debit card payment method > Enter card details if the card is not stored.

3. Manually enter card information or swipe card via USB Card reader. You can mark the box to save “Payment Details for Later Use.” You will have to enter the CVV number and billing zip code for the first time you run a stored card.

3b. If you stored a credit card you can mark the box to Use the Card on File. Click Save.

Option 2. Save & Accept while creating a New Invoice

  1. To accept a payment while creating a new invoice click the New Invoice button on the ledger.

2. Click the arrow on the green Save button and choose to Save & Accept Payment. Repeat steps of 2-3b in option

Option 3. Select an Action > Apply Payment

Click Apply Payment from the Actions column for a previously created invoice that's listed under open invoices of the client’s ledger.

2. Click Apply Payment button under actions.

3. Choose Credit/Debit Card for Payment Method. Click enter card details or use the card on file.

TheraNest can send an automatic transaction receipt to your client's email address when their credit card is processed.

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