Note: Only account admins can refund credit card charges.

If a client was incorrectly charged you may create a refund for that transaction. This task can be accomplished easily via the Credit Card Charges report.

  1. Go to Reports > BIlling > Credit Card Charges on the left menu.

2. Set Charge Date Range on the left. You can also search by client name.

3. Click Run Report.

4. Find Transaction. Click Refund to the right.

5. Confirm Refund screen will appear. Click Confirm.

6. Status will change to Refund in Progress. You will then be able to print a refund receipt.

Once the funds have transferred successfully the status will change to Refunded. The client’s balance will be recalculated on their ledger.

Note: Our processing fees cover the movement of funds for successful transactions. Because of this we are unable to refund our customers the processing fees of refunded transactions. The full amount of the client's transaction will be debited from your account. 

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