TheraNest partners with multiple clearinghouses that can provide claim services for you. We take care of linking your TheraNest account with your clearinghouse account so that claims are submitted seamlessly from TheraNest through your clearinghouse. We are currently partnered with Availity RCM, Office Ally, and ZirMed.

Complete the form below to get in contact with one or more of the clearinghouses. Feel free to select any or all of the clearinghouses below to compare and see which best suits your business.

*Please click on the button below to Sign up with a Clearinghouse*

What if I already have an account with Office Ally, Availity or Zirmed? 

You should still fill out the form for the clearinghouse you're currently with. 

Office Ally
If you have an Office Ally account, you’ll need to call their Technical Support at (360) 975-7000 Option 2 and ask them to set up an SFTP account to be used with 

If you have an Availity account, you more than likely have a basic account. To connect with TheraNest, Availity requires you to have what is known as an RCM account. You'll want to complete the form above by clicking on the, "Clearinghouse registration form" button so you're directed through the Availity RCM channel for TheraNest customers. An Availity agent will contact you to set up your account. We are not able to connect basic Availity accounts to TheraNest for claims. An RCM account is required to submit claims from TheraNest. Please note: it can sometimes take 3-6 weeks to complete the RCM setup. 

If you have an existing ZirMed account, click the form above "Clearinghouse registration form" button you're directed through the ZirMed channel for TheraNest customers. A ZirMed agent will contact you to set up your account.

Not sure which clearinghouse to use? 

You can learn more about each clearinghouse on their websites below before completing the registration form.

Please note:

It is important to use our registration form so you're directed through a TheraNest dedicated channel with the clearinghouse. 

TheraNest charges a one-time $25 Connection Fee for Claims Processing with Office Ally.

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