In TheraNest we have given lots of options to collect data, but sometimes one may need to collect specific data. That's where Custom Forms comes into play. Custom Forms allow for you to collect supplemental data and store it in TheraNest. Custom Form data cannot be pulled into any additional sections of TheraNest such as demographic information, reports, progress notes, etc. It also cannot be pre populated with information already entered into TheraNest as well. Again, Custom Forms are here for you to collect the supplemental data. 

All users with Therapist permissions are able to create Custom Forms. 

  1.  In the top navigation menu go to Custom Forms.
  2. In the side navigation go to Manage All
  3. Click New Custom Form.

4. Enter the Form Name and choose where to store the form.

  • To create an internal document then you'll store  under Custom Forms in left sidebar: leave bottom two boxes unchecked.
  • To create a form for the Client's Details: Check the box "Check here to make this a client form. It will appear in the client details page".
  • To create a clinical form in Client's Case Notes: Check the box "Check here to make this a case form. It will appear in the client cases page".

 5. Click the buttons to add the appropriate fields to the Custom Form. Below is an explanation of each element type.

Simple Text : This is text that does not require any action to be taken. It's for reading purposes only. You can easily paste any text from an existing form you have.

To get a paragraph look of your form be sure to use separate simple text blocks instead of pasting all your text in one block. See below: 

Text Box:  This is a box where one can enter a short amount of text. Text box is for one word answer. For text boxes you can also change the data type requiring an email address, date, number, or URL. For number it must be a whole number. Dashes or special characters in number is not allowed.

Note: You cannot have duplicate or same name text boxes. Example: Phone number. You must use differentiators such as Mobile Phone number, Work Phone Number, Home phone number, etc .
Check Box:  Where one can set an an option have it be selectable by marking the box. Like with any of the Custom Form Elements you can click and drag your element into the position or place you want it to be.

Section Header:  This is the headline for a section or field. It will appear darker in the form.

Text Area: Is like a Text Box but allows for a larger amount of  response text. You cannot control the data type. It's purely for larger responses such as an explanation to a question.


Single Option List (Drop Down List): is a drop down list that allows for predetermined multiple choice answer. With the element selected (yellow) you can insert your options to the right. Each new line is


The Row Number feature lets you assign a row to every element on the page of your form template so they print on a certain row of the page. The feature is simply used to make the form print a certain way, though the form looks different in the template and on the tab in the client profile. Every element has to have a number if you use this feature, so they each know where to go when printed:

For example, if you assigned each element in your form like this (to row 1 or row 2):

Printing looks like this:

The Row Templates allow you to tell where to print the row titles in the printed version. In the example above, the titles are set to print above:

If we changed to "Titles on the left", they'd print like this (which seems cleaner):

All Custom Forms can be copied over to the Client Portal to become Intake Forms. After you have completed your form and have saved it:

  1. Click Manage All on the left under Custom Forms.
  2. Find your desired form.
  3. Click Copy to Client Portal
  4. *Admins Only can do the following steps* Go to Organization > Client Portal Intake Forms
  5. Mark "YES" under Show to Clients
  6. Click Save

The Custom Form is now added to the Intake Form packet and can be completed by Clients online.
*Note: When the intake form is completed it will be uploaded into the General Documents section of the client profile. The information completed in the intake form can not be populated elsewhere in the software. 

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