TheraNest users with Organization Administration rights will be able to enroll in Assisted Claims with Apex. 

Before You Begin 

If you're currently submitting claims through TheraNest using a different clearinghouse your instructions are different. Click here to learn how to switch to Apex. 

Before you enroll you should know how you're credentialed with insurance. This is known as your NPI type. Click here to determine which NPI Type to use for enrollment.

How to Begin the Enrollment Process

  1. Click Organization from the primary navigation bar. 
  2. On the sidebar menu click Claim Services.
  3. Click the Register for Electronic Claim Service button, then review and sign the Apex Terms and Conditions.
  4. Complete the Apex Enrollment Survey based on your NPI Type. 

How to Complete Apex Enrollment Survey with Type 1 (Individual) NPI
How to Complete Apex Enrollment Survey with Type 2 (Group) NPI
How to Complete Apex Enrollment Survey with a Combination (Type 1 and 2 NPI)

What to Expect After Completing the Apex Enrollment Survey

Once the Apex Enrollment Survey is completed the next step will be to complete and submit the ERA/EDI enrollment forms. Those forms will be emailed within a few weeks.

Once these enrollment forms have been completed and submitted, it can take up to 45 days for the payers to process and approve the enrollments.  Approval emails will be sent to you as each enrollment is approved. 

For payers that do not require EDI enrollment, claims can be submitted immediately after the Apex Enrollment Survey is complete. For payers that do require EDI enrollment, claims cannot be submitted through Apex until the enrollment has been approved. 

Check if payers require EDI enrollment by searching the Apex Payer List.

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