The Credit Card Charges report shows all client payments made in TheraNest that are tied to credit card transactions. It allows you to quickly see the fees for each transaction, the gross deposit amount and net amount after processing fees. You can also void pending charges and refund settled charges from this report.

1) Go to Reports > Billing > Credit Card Charges.

2) The report will pull the current month's transactions by default; adjust the Transaction Date Range to see additional dates.

3) You can filter the report by clicking any of the column headers to sort data ascending or descending; and you can type in the search fields in the headers to narrow your search results.

4) To show more results, click the "items per page" drop-down menu under the grid, or use the Show All option at top right to show all results.

5) Use the CSV or PDF buttons at top right to export the report. 

The credit card charges report reflects your individual transactions and net amount, per transaction. Your bank account will reflect a gross sum of transaction deposits, fees, and refunds (when applicable) as separate lump sum transactions. Fees are debited from your bank account 1 - 3 business days after the gross deposit has settled.
The daily gross sum deposited into you bank account will reflect all successful transactions processed before 4 PM, CT. Any successful charges after that time will be lumped with the following day's transactions. Corresponding fees will also be lumped for all successful transactions processed before 4 PM, CT.
The "Fee" column reflects the total fee for each individual transaction. 

Total Amount: Pending and settled transactions are included in this total gross amount of transactions for the report date range.
Total Fees
: Fees calculated for settled items.
Total Net Amount
: Pending items are not included as they don't yet have a net amount (fees are not yet known).

What is TRX#?

This is the transaction number associated with the transaction. If a transaction is refunded a new transaction with a new number will appear. Each transaction will reference the other parter transaction.

What is TRX date?

This is the date of the transaction.

What is TRX time?

This is the time of day the transaction took place.

What is Status?

  • Pending/Submitted: A pending transaction that has been authorized but not yet settled.
  • Authorized: An authorized transaction is an approved transaction.
  • Settled: A settled transaction has been batched or completed. The merchant (you) will be funded and the transaction will post to the cardholders account (client).
  • Refund: Funds that were returned to a cardholder's account.

What is Disbursement Date?

Disbursement date is the date that the payment was deposited into your account.

 *** Use this with our Understanding Credit Card Deposits and Processing Fee Withdraws article to help you reconcile your bank statements. 

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