TheraNest users with Billing permissions may access and run this report.

This report displays a breakdown of revenue sources (credit card, cash, check, or insurance) for individual payments on all invoiced services.

Report Logic:

 * Pulls in payments that were accepted in the specified date range
 * Pulls in Unapplied Payments

  1. Click Reports from the primary navigation bar
  2. Under the Billing section choose Payment Methods.
  3. To filter the report, select the date range.
  4. If desired, type a client's name in the Client field and select the name from the drop down list that appears. If no name is selected, the report will include all clients. 
  5. If desired, mark the box next to the payment methods by checking the Payment Method box(es)
  6. click  Run Report

Use the Daily Billing report to find the payer information.
You can export the report to CSV or PDF.
You can also change the number of clients that pull in by changing the dropdown on the top left. 

Paid with Card NO means the card was charged outside of TheraNest. Yes, means it was processed within TheraNest. 

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