Anyone can sync their TheraNest calendar to their Google Calendar. It will only sync your appointments and events. 

Before You Begin

Appointments only sync 60 days out.
Example: Today is February 1st. I cannot see my appointment for April 2nd. However, tomorrow on April 2nd I will see my appointment in the Google calendar. This measure is in place to prevent any performance issues.

We recommend you create a separate Google Calendar for your TheraNest appointments. This isn't mandatory but if you ever wish to turn off Google syncing, TheraNest appointments that were already synced will remain on your Google Calendar and have to be deleted one by one. If you create a separate calendar it will be able to be layered with your original google calendar, and if you wish to not use it anymore you can simply delete it. 

Here is how you can add a new Google calendar within the existing calendar:

Pro tip: Using the calendar name "TheraNest" in Google helps stay organized.

This is a one-way sync: TheraNest appointments will be sent to Google Calendar but not vice versa; appointments added to Google calendar cannot be synced sent to TheraNest

  1. Click Calendar Preferences under your name in the top right corner of TheraNest.
  2. If you're using push notifications on your phone, we suggest you select the option to only show client initials in synced calendars.
  3.  Scroll down to the Calendar Syncing section. Click Sync with Google Calendar. Once you authorize TheraNest to access your Google account, select your new Google TheraNest calendar from the dropdown list.
  4. Click Save Preferences 
  5. To manually sync TheraNest to your Google calendar click Sync with Google Calendar from the calendar.


  • The calendar sync is one-way from TheraNest to Google and not vice versa.
  • Your Google Calendar is automatically synchronized with TheraNest Calendar every 8 hours. 
  • You can also run synchronization manually on the TheraNest Calendar, or in your Calendar Preferences. 
  • When you change the status of an appointment to “canceled”, “late cancel”, “no show”, or “rescheduled” in TheraNest, it will be removed from your Google Calendar.
  • You can find your calendar name by visiting your Google Calendar page and expanding "My Calendars" on the left of the screen.
  • If you are sure your calendar name is accurate and you get a "Calendar doesn't exist" message, please enter your Google account email address as your calendar name or create a new calendar on Google's site.

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