Any TheraNest user can create a recurring appointment

Before You Begin

Recurring Appointments with no end date or end dates beyond 60 days from the current day will not show in the Appointment History of the client or the Detailed Attendance report. This is to prevent any performance issues on our end. They will also not sync to the Google calendar if you have that turned on till it's 60 days out. 

The appointments will still show on the calendar view and will not allow double booking.

Create Appointment Series

  1. From the agenda or calendar click on the green add appointment icon.
  2. Select your client, service type, and staff member.
  3. Where it says repeat event "Disabled" click on that button to enable the ability to create a repeat event.
  4. Choose how often you want your event to repeat: Daily, weekly, monthly yearly. You can even have it repeat on certain days of the week
  5.  Choose your end date or set the number of times you want it to repeat.
  6. Click save

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