Useful Links, located under the client portal settings contains links you can provide to your clients via email or embedded in your website.

You can copy the New Appointment Link from the Organization > Client Portal > Settings page in your TheraNest account. This link will take your client to the calendar page in the Client Portal where your client can schedule an appointment.

The link will look similar to this:

Replace demo with your company shortname to generate the links below. You can find your company shortname by looking at the link when logged into your TheraNest account. The information after https:// and before is your company shortname.

You can adjust this link to control where the client is sent to. You can send them to the Log In page or the Sign Up page if you don’t want them creating an appointment first.

Log In page

This link will take your client directly to the Log In page where they can sign in using their email address and password as long as they have already created an account in the client portal.

Sign Up page

The Sign Up page will allow your clients to create a new account in the client portal. Creating a new account in the client portal will also create a new client file in TheraNest.
 (The application will look for an account matching the email address to prevent duplicate clients from being created.)

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