You are able to sync your TheraNest calendar to your Apple Calendar both on your Mac and you iPhone. The directions below walk you through syncing your TheraNest calendar to the desktop application. Click here to learn how to sync to your iOS device such as your iPhone or iPad. 

  1. Click on your name and choose Calendar Preferences

2. If you are using push notifications for your phone we suggest you select the option to only show client initials in synced calendars. This way your notifications will not show the full client name.

 4) Scroll to Calendar Syncing section. Copy the link by clicking the blue "copy" button. This link will be used to sync your TheraNest calendar to Apple Calendar.

5) Open your Apple Calendar app. Click File > New Calendar Subscription.

 6) Paste the link into the Calendar URL that you copied from within your TheraNest account in Step 4.

 7) Login to your TheraNest account to sync your TheraNest calendar to you Apple Calendar.

 8) Enter a title for the calendar and click OK. IMPORTANT: CHOOSE LOCATION TO BE "ON MY MAC." DO NOT SYNC TO iCloud.

 9) Your TheraNest calendar will show under Other in your Apple Calendar account.


  • The calendar sync is only one-way sync from TheraNest to Apple and not vice versa.
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