Any TheraNest user can run and access the Detailed Attendance report.

This report displays all appointments a Client or Staff Member has scheduled within the specified date range and the attendance status of those appointments. This report also can be filtered by the location, service type, duration, attendance status, and/or referral source of each appointment. 

Archived clients are included in this report. 

  1. Click on Reports in the primary navigation bar
  2. Click on Detailed Attendance under the Appointments  section
  3. This report will default to the current month. The user can set the Date Range, Locations, Service Types, Session Type, Attendance Status, and Billing Status by clicking the arrow on the left that expands the column.
  4. Click Run Report

If the appointment has been invoiced it will show Yes under the Is Billed column. If it shows No then the appointment has not been invoiced.

You may user the search bar in the right corner to find a particular client or staff member as well.

 Note: You can always set how many clients you can see on the screen by clicking the number of entries on top of the report from 10, 25, 50 & 100.
You can also copy or download the CSV, Excel, and PDF version directly to your computer by clicking the CSV and PDF on the upper right.

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