Within TheraNest we allow for our customers to control when they want to see clients by setting their calendar availability. This availability also applies to the client portal when you allow client self-scheduling.

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner of ThearNest and choose Calendar Preference from the drop down.

Beneath the calendar sync options you'll see Calendar Preferences. On the right you'll be able to edit the start and stop times of each day. You can uncheck the box next to a day to show that you are unavailable for the entire day.

On the left you can input the first hour of each day, last hour, and set a default calendar view.

Example of a view of a calendar by clients in the client Portal. They grey space is the unavailable time.

On TheraNest, other staff members will see grayed out time on Calendar using Staff view. Again, the grayed out time is the time span that the staff member is unavailable for appointments.

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