Note: You can change an appointment status on the Agenda, Calendar, or a client's Appointment History report. 

From the Agenda:

  1. Click the Edit Status button on the agenda to change the status of the appointment.

2. Choose Cancelled, No Show, Late Cancel, or Rescheduled.

 From the Client's Details:
 1. From the list of clients click Details to the right of the client's name.
2. Click Details
3. Click Appointments on sidebar navigation
4. Click "Change" in the status column next to the appointment you wish to change.
5. Choose Cancelled, no show, late cancel, or rescheduled.  
6. Click Save

From the Calendar

  1. Double click the block of the desired appointment on the calendar
  2. In the  Status bar in the appointment window change your appiontment status.
  3. Choose Cancelled, No Show, Late Cancel, or Reschedule.
  4. Click Save. 

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