When storing a credit card on the Bill to and Insurance tab of a client's profile you'll notice there is no field box for the CVV number.

We cannot store the credit card WITH the CVV code prior to charging the card for the first time - this would be a violation of PCI-Compliance. The storage of a CVV is not allowed by the Card Brands or by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI, DSS or PCI). Storage is not allowed in any format (electronically, encrypted, on paper, etc.). When you choose to store a card in TheraNest you'll see the last 4 digits of the card on the Bill to & Insurance info tab. The CVV and rest of the card information is stored with Vantage, our processing partner. Again, this keeps both you and TheraNest PCI compliant. 

You'll enter the CVV for the first transaction only when storing the card. You will not have to enter the CVV number on any follow up transactions for that stored card.

This also goes for when a client stores a Credit Card on the client portal. They will not be prompted to enter the CVV at the time of storage but will be prompted to enter it for the first transaction. They will not have to enter the CVV for any transactions after the first transaction with the stored card.

Picture of the Make A Payment screen in the Client Portal:

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