Any user can change their own filter and views on the calendar

Missing Appointments?

A common issue the support team hears is that appointments are missing from the calendar but are on the client's appointment list. This is normally due to the filters or views of your calendar. Especially after adding a new location, service type, or staff member. 


You can filter on Location, Staff, or Service Type. 

Anything that has a checkmark to it is what you're currently viewing. Options without a checkmark are not included in your current view.

Whatever filters you set on the agenda or calendar will carry over into both places. Example: Calendar filters will carry over to Agenda. Agenda filters carry over into the Calendar. 

Apply Filters changes your current view but does not save it if you leave that section of TheraNest. 

Apply & Save Filters: Will set those filters for every time you view the agenda/calendar. 

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