It is important that it be clear which notes and appointments are linked for key reasons: 

  • To transmit the proper CPT Code to an appointment
  • For proper documentation and audit protection
  • To account for clients with multiple appointments on the same day
  • To prevent clients from rescheduling or canceling documented appointments

 Feature is available on the website and mobile app.

How to Link a New Progress Note to an Appointment

Start from the Agenda or the Client's Notes Area (Website).


  • Select Add Progress Notes > Select the appointment from the drop-down list

 From the Client's Notes Area

  • Go to Notes > Progress Notes Tab > +Progress Note
  • You will see the linked appointment menu below Service Date/Time.
  • Make sure to select the correct Service Date in order to see the available appointments from that day in the list of options under Appointment.
  • Select the appointment from the drop-down list

How to Know if a Progress Note is Linked

  • On the calendar linked appointments are indicated by a white progress note icon
  • On the appointment details screen, linked appointments are indicated by View Linked Progress Note.

If you don't see the right appointment in the dropdown menu on the note, please double-check the following:

  • If note belongs to an individual client case, the appointment must be an individual client appointment for the same client. If note belongs to a group case, the appointment must belong to the same group.
  • Dates of the note and appointment must be the same
  • At least one staff assigned to the note must be assigned to the appointment

How To Link an Existing Progress Note to an Appointment

  • Calendar > Click on the Appointment > View Linked Progress Note
  • Progress Notes Tab > Details

How to Change a Linked Appointment in a Progress Note

  • Follow the same steps above for an linking to an existing progress note.
  • Please Note: once you link a note with an appointment and/or an invoice it becomes locked from editing

Client Portal

  • In the Client Portal, clients are also blocked from rescheduling or canceling an appointment linked to an invoice or signed or approved progress note.

Linking Group Notes to Appointments

Progress notes for group appointments can be created from:

  1. Calendar > click group name of the appointment > click Cases button

2) Agenda: Click group name of the appointment > click Cases button

3) Missing Progress Notes report: Every attendee of group appointment will have one corresponding line

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