When you're signed up to process credit cards in TheraNest you can store multiple for clients. In order to store a credit card in TheraNest you must first apply to enroll in credit card processing. 

  1. In order to store a credit card for a client you must accept a payment first and choose the payment method of credit card. 

2. Add the client's card information on the Add Credit Card pop-up page and Save.

Note: The previous card number entered will appear in the Add Credit Card pop-up page. You can simply type over it when adding additional card numbers. The original card will not be lost.

When you accept a credit card payment, you will have the option to select which card to charge. You’ll be prompted to enter the CVV on first time payments for stored or new cards The Card Verification Value (CVV) is an anti-fraud security feature and required for verification purposes. The CVV Number on the credit card is a 3 or 4 digit number located on the back or the front of the card. You will also need the billing zip code. 

If a client has multiple cards on file there will be an indicator letting you know which one is the default card stored.

Deleting default credit card makes the next stored credit card (if one exists) the new default and icon appears next to it. 

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