Each staff member has the power to set their own calendar availability and preferences. At this time Administrators cannot access or control a staff member's preferences or availability.

To access your preferences click on your name in the white navigation bar and choose Calendar Preferences.

1. Set your General Preferences

  • Alert me when someone else changes a calendar event sends an alert to the Alerts section of TheraNest when someone changes a calendar event in which you are listed as a staff member. This includes appointments and events. 
  • Email me when someone else changes my schedule sends an email to the email address listed in TheraNest when someone changes a calendar event in which you are listed as a staff member.
  • Print Calendar PDFs in black and White will allow for a user to print the calendar in black and white instead of the colors of the calendar. 
  • Show only client initials in Calendar changes client names to initials on your individual calendar for privacy.
  • Show only client initials in Synced Calendars changes client names to initials on your synced calendar. This is a recommended setting for individuals who use push notifications on their phone. 

2. Set Calendar Preferences:

First hour of each day and Last hour of each day allows you to select the first hour and last hour that will appear on your calendar. You won't see calendar appointments scheduled prior to the first hour or after the last hour. Please make sure this section matches your daily hours and availability on the right of the screen.  

3. Set Default Calendar View 

This allows you to set which calendar view you see first when you get to the calendar. 

  • Day view will show what's scheduled for today's date. 
  • Week View will show Monday-Friday (or sunday depending on further preferences. See step 7)
  • Month view will show the entire month for the current month you're in. 
  • Staff View will show each staff member's calendar for today's date. 

5. Set your Time scale in minutes 

Allows you to set the time scale that your calendar appointments begin and end.

Example: Setting your time scale units for 5 minutes allows for you to schedule an appointment using increments of 5 minutes. 

5. Staff members per page

 Allows you to choose how many staff members appear in the Staff calendar view.

6. Cascade display of events 

This allows you to choose whether calendar appointments stack on the calendar or cascade to show those scheduled at the same time.

Cascade view:

7. Hide Weekends

 This option allows you to hide weekend days on the calendar. You will not see these days or appointments scheduled on these days.

8. Allow booking multiple appointments in same time slot 

Selecting Yes will allow you to book multiple client appointments in the same time slot on your specific staff calendar. Selecting No will block double booking of client appointments on your calendar.

9. Set Staff Member Display Order

Allows you to arrange how you see staff members in the Staff view. You can click the staff members in grey and drag and drop the names to appear in the order desired.

Staff Calendar View:

10. Click the green Save Preferences button at the top or bottom of the page.


  •  Use drag and drop to change staff display order on calendar. When time for different events intersect, events may look "cramped". 
  • You could enable "Cascade Event Display" or filter calendar by few staff members to get more space for these events.
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