You must have Billing Permissions to create an invoice.

Before You Begin

In order to have clients pay for their appointments you must create an invoice. Creating an invoice is also frequently described as billing for an appointment.

To correctly bill in TheraNest you will want to make sure you're creating invoices for each appointment. There are a few different ways to create an invoice. We'll go over those in this article.

From the Agenda

  1. Click the Add Invoice button.
  2. This will take the date of service  and all service types on the appointment and automatically create an invoice. No further action needs to be taken. The Invoice will automatically be created and saved. 

From a Client's Ledger

  1. Navigate to your desired client.
  2. In the sidebar menu click on Ledger
  3. Click New Invoice
  4. Filter date range to Recent 30 days, All Past, or All. Any appointments that fall in the filter that haven't been billed yet will pull in. Do not click Add an Invoice Item if you don't see your date of service. Adjust your filters to pull in that date of service.
  5. You can remove any dates of service you don't want included in the invoice by clicking on the X next to that date of service. Once you've completed adding/removing items from the invoice click save. 

Batch Invoicing

  1. Click on Billing in the primary navigation bar.
  2. In the sidebar menu click Batch Invoicing.
  3. Select your dates of service you wish to pull. All dates of service that haven't been billed in the date range will pull in.
  4. Click the Search button.
  5. Click Create Selected Invoices.

Video of Steps

Once the invoice is created you can submit the invoice as an electronic claim to the clearinghouse. Follow the steps in this link.

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