In order to have clients pay for their appointments you must create an invoice. Creating an invoice is also frequently described as billing for an appointment.

To correctly bill in TheraNest you will want to make sure you're creating invoices for each appointment. There are a few different ways to create an invoice. We'll go over those in this article.


From the Agenda

  1. Click Add Invoice
  2. This will take the date of service  and all service types on the appointment anD automatically create an invoice. No further action needs to be taken. The Invoice will automatically be created and saved. 

To make changes to the invoice click “Edit Invoice” or “Add Invoice Items.” 

You’ll be taken to the invoice screen where you can make changes. Click Save or Save & Accept Payment to accept payment for the updated invoice.


From a Client's Ledger

 1. Click Clients > Find desired client > Click ledger.

3. Once on the ledger, Click New Invoice

4. Depending on the filters you have set in the invoice any unbilled appointments will pull in. In the example below all unbilled appointments in the past 30 days are pulling in. I know these are appointments because they are appearing as blue hyperlinks. This is the correct way to bill for an appointment.

5. You can remove any dates of service you don't want included in the invoice by clicking on the X next to that date of service. Once you've completed adding/removing items from the invoice click save.


Once an invoice is created, you can now Print Invoice from the Ledger page.
Click Details next to an invoice on a client's ledger to make any changes.

Once the invoice is created you can submit the invoice as an electronic claim to the clearinghouse. Follow the steps in this link.

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