This report identifies kept appointments for which no progress notes have yet been entered. You can enter notes directly from this report by clicking the Enter Notes button.


TheraNest users with Therapist level permissions and Administrator level permissions can run this report and see two different things. 

As a Therapist:

You will see all missing notes that need to be completed by you. 

As an Administrator:

You will see all missing progress notes that need to be completed by anyone. 

Run the Report

  1. Click on Report in the primary navigation bar
  2. Click on Missing Progress Notes under the Cases & Notes section
  3. Set Date Range (optional: select Staff Member and/or Client Name)
  4. Click Run Report

Fall Off Report

A progress note must be entered in and connected to an appointment for it to fall off the report. Click "Enter Note" to be taken to the note to complete. If you have already written a note for that date of service go and open the note to make sure it's linked to an appointment. 

Note: You can always set how many clients you can see on the screen by clicking the number of entries on top of the report from 10, 25, 50 & 100.

You can also copy or download the CSV, Excel, and PDF version directly to your computer by clicking the CSV and PDF

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