After completing your demographic information TheraNest will prompt you to fill out your intake forms. 

The application will walk you through completing the forms. After you have read the form or completed all sections click the Next button to advance to the next page. Clicking NEXT saves your information! So if you need to logout and come back later just be sure to click "next" to save your information. 

**You MUST click the Next button at least once every 2 hours to save your information otherwise you will be kicked out due to inactivity. **

 At the top of the intake forms, you can track your progress.

After you have completed the form you will be prompted to create your signature. 

Click Save Signature once you've created your signature and then choose Sign & Submit. all entered information will then be sent to your provider.

After the intake packet has been signed and submitted, you can download the forms by clicking Download signed intake forms as PDF from the confirmation message.

You can download the forms at any other time by clicking Forms at the top left of your portal account. 

If there are new forms sent to you by your provider, you can find them in this same section; a number indicating pending forms will appear. 

From the Forms page you can fill out new forms sent after intake, track your pending and submitted forms, as well as download completed forms.

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