TheraNest users with Therapist level permissions will be able to access and run this report for their own notes. They cannot see notes for cases in which they are not assigned. Administrators can run it for any and all therapist staff members. 


This report displays all Progress Notes created during date range defined. You'll then see if the note has been signed and if note has been linked to an appointment.  It helps you to quickly identify existing progress notes that need attention (signatures or link to an appointment for insurance claim submission).

Run the Report

  1. Click on Reports in the primary navigation bar
  2. Click on Progress Note Signature Report under the Cases & Notes section
  3. Enter your date range, staff member, and the signature status.
  4. Click Run Report

Once you find the note with the missing signature that you wish to sign you can click, "View Note." This will take you to the note to sign.

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