1. Click on Clients in the primary navigation bar
  2. Choose or search for your desired client
  3. Click on Details next to the desired client
  4. Click on the Cases button on the Client Details page
  5. Click on Notes button next to the case
  6. Click Treatment Plans tab
  7. Click +Treatment Plan


  • Your Diagnosis will pull in from the Initials Assessment tab of the case.
  • Behavior Definitions: Generally refers to the behaviors you wish to target for treatment. 
  • You can add multiple goals and objectives, along with goal status to your treatment plan notes.
  • Once you sign a treatment plan changes or progress cannot be made on that treatment plan entry. However, you'll see that when you add a new treatment plan the goals and objectives you entered on the previous treatment plan pull in for you to make changes/progress. This is so you can have a running log history of how progress has been made over time. 

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