You can only upload clinical documents for cases you're assigned to.


You can upload documents to any case. 

Before You Begin

You can upload any file type but the file cannot be larger than 10mb. 

Sometimes the documents section may appear to be blank but it's not. It's just loading. You can try clearing your cache to speed up the loading.

Documents uploaded under Clinical Documents are only visible to the staff who are assigned to the case or administrators. This is different from the General Documents section of a client's profile where those files are visible to everyone.  

Upload Documents

  1. Navigate to your desired client
  2. On the sidebar navigation menu click Notes
  3. You will then be taken to the client's case and should see the Clinical Documents tab. If the client has more than one case you may have to choose the case you wish to add documents to by clicking on notes.
  4. Click on the Clinical Documents tab
  5. You can drag and drop files or you can click the floppy disc icon to upload. 

Drag & Drop

Floppy Disk Icon

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