After a note has been signed by a staff member an Administrator, Supervisor, or another Therapist on the case can co-sign a note.



Therapists who have been assigned to review notes can access those notes in which they need to review. 


Can review and co-sign notes. 

Co-sign Notes

  1. Navigate to the desired client
  2. In the sidebar navigation click on Notes
  3. If there are multiple cases you need to chose the case in which you need to access the note. Or if there is only one case then you'll be taken to the progress notes tab. 
  4. Find the desired note and click the Details button
  5. You'll see a notification, "This document is signed and no further editing is allowed. Click here to view or co-sign the document."
  6. Click the "here" to cosign the document 
  7. Click the blue button that says "Sign the Document"

You'll then see both staff signatures on the document.

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