Therapist assigned to the case can make an addendum.


Can make an addendum to any case. 

Before You Begin

When viewing past progress notes the NEW DX will show on your notes. However, when you go to print the past note you'll see the original DX code. The NEW DX will print on all progress notes going forward. 

Add Addendum 

  1. Navigate to your desired client
  2. In the sidebar navigation click Notes
  3. Click the Initial Assessment and Diagnostic information tab. 
  4. You can add an addendum to a signed Initial Assessment by clicking Add Addendum.
  5. The Addendum will be opened in a new page where you can enter the date, time, notes and the diagnostic code. The previous code will be carried over from the Initial Assessment form. You can click the X to the right of the code to remove and click Add Diagnosis to add a new diagnostic code.
  6. The addendum will show at the bottom of the Initial Assessment form under the previous diagnostic code and the Addendum header.

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