Any user of TheraNest can Archive a client. 

Before You Begin

Active clients means clients who are not archived.
Active clients are clients that you are currently booking appointments for, billing for, and creating notes for in the TheraNest.

Archived clients do not count towards your monthly client total. All their information and notes are stored in the application free of charge when they are archived. You will not be able to edit or view the client's information or notes when they are archived, but you can unarchive the client to view their information. You can archive and unarchive a client at any time. 

When you archive a client their appointments will remain on the calendar. If you do not intend to have any further appointments with the client please delete the appointments first then follow the steps below to archive.

 Archiving a Client

  1. Click on Clients in the primary navigation bar.
  2. Search for your desired client.
  3. Under the Actions section click Archive.

Unarchiving Client

  1. Click Clients in the primary navigation bar.
  2. In the client filter option choose Archived Only then click Search.
  3. Click Unarchive to the right of the client's name.

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