Note: The import spreadsheet needs to be Excel 2007 or newer ending in .xlsx and not .xls
 1) Go to Client > Import Clients.

From the right side of this page you can download our import template. This template is formatted in such a way that the system can read the columns of data being imported; it's not possible to upload a spreadsheet that's formatted differently from our template.
 2) Set up your import file by selecting the fields from the spreadsheet that will be imported from your Excel file. Arrange them in the order they appear in the spreadsheeet by dragging and dropping.

 3) Go to Click here to upload files and start importing.

 4) Once the file has been uploaded, click the "Looks good, Import now". All the clients will then be imported into your account and viewable from the clients list.

 Note: Download the Sample Import Template to guide you on how to structure your client data. Please note in this case first line is the header and will not be imported.
 Convert your csv or txt file to Excel before importing. To convert, simply open the csv or txt file with Excel and save as Excel file.

If importing gender the gender must the full entry.
Correct Example: Male
Incorrect Example: M 

Date of birth must be imported as mm/dd/yy NOT mm/dd/yyyy


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