When going to export client data it is important to export all the data that lives on a client record.

Client Data

To export demographic details, contact information, income, insurance and billing you can use the Export Data page under Organization. Role needed: Administration

  1. In the Administrator account click Organization > Export Data.

 2. To export all clients in the application click Export all clients or you can export only the active clients by clicking Export active clients.

Individual Client Notes History

The notes history of a client live on their profile and must be exported separately. Notes can be exported by a client from their Notes History report. Role Needed: Assigned Therapist or Admin

1. Go to a clients Details Page > Reports > Notes History

2. Click "Print Notes History for All Cases"

Individual Client Billing Information

The Individual Client Billing information that includes historical Billing information can be exported from the billing reports. If you want to export their Payment History you'll pull that from the client's profile.

Role Needed: Assigned Therapist, Biller or Admin. 

1. Client Details > Reports > Payment History

2. Print Payment History

Individual Client General/Clinical Documentation

For documents you uploaded to a clients profile or to their case.

Go to the General Documents tab of a Client > Select any document you want > Right click (or CTRL+Click) and select download


Repeat this step for Clinical Documents. 

Go to a Clients Profile > Notes > Clinical Documents tab > Download desired files. 

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