TheraNest users with Administrator level permissions for your organization will have access to this report.

The Activity Log will show what actions staff members have taken in your Organization's account over the last 120 days. To access the Activity Log Report follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Organization from the primary menu bar
  2. Click on Activities from the side menu
  3. Set your date range (it will default to today's date only)
  4. Choose a staff member from the Staff dropdown if so desired. This will only show actions related to that staff member in the date range set. 
  5. Click in the Actions: box to select one or multiple actions. To search for all actions simply do not select an action. 
  6. Click Search

You can copy or download the CSV, Excel, and PDF version directly to your computer by clicking the CSV and PDF on the upper right tab. Also, you can always set how many clients you can see on the screen by clicking the number of entries on top of the report from 10, 25, 50 & 100.

To search for actions related to a specific client use the search bar in the right corner of the results to search by client name. 

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