To add a custom form in the Client's Details,

1) Check the box across Check here to make this a case form, it will appear in the client details page.

2) This form will appear when you click Details next to a client.

3 Enter the desired Form Name, Column Count (up to 2 columns), and how you want the form appear in the client details page.

4) Customize the form, as desired using the options and tools provided. Preview is visible below the editing tools as you are making changes to the form.

5) Click Save.

- Selecting "Only a single copy..." means you'll have only one form to re-use and update. An example will be an intake form which is filled once.
- Selecting "A new copy..." means you can create new copies as needed, e.g. per client visit and you'll have a listing of forms as they are created, similar to a progress note.

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