TheraNest users with Administrator level permission are able to create  and edit service types. 

Adding Service Types

  1. In the primary navigation bar click Organization Settings Service Types tab
  2. In the Service Type field enter name your service. The name should be a client friendly name. No need to enter in the CPT code name here. That will come later. Your clients will see this service types on billing documents as well as the client portal. Do not use things like "tier 1 rate" or "discounted rate", "new rate" etc.  
  3. Enter in rate for that service. The rate is a per unit rate. This will come into play with Time Units below. 
  4. Enter in a CPT code if desired. You can find CPT codes by typing part of the code number or name in the CPT code text box as it will auto fill. 
  5. Code Modifiers can be entered by typing the letter or number that corresponds to the code and the rest will populate below. This is usually dictated by your payer.
  6. Choose a Time unit option:
  • The first bubble does not look at the appointment length. Regardless of how long the appointment on the calendar is it will always bill the number of units in the box. The number of units in the box multiplied by the dollar amount you entered in the rate field will be your invoice line item amount for that service.
  • The second bubble does look at the length of the appointment. If you say to bill 1 unit for every 60 minutes and you charge a $50 per unit rate then you'll charge $50 an hour. It will automatically be calculated for you on the invoice. 

7. Click the green Save button near the bottom. 

Editing Service Types

  1. In the primary navigation bar click Organization Settings Service Types tab
  2. To edit a Service Type click the Edit button to the right of the service type you wish to edit.
  3. The service type and it's information will populate to the left.
  4.  After you have edited the information click Save to update the service type.

The service type will now be updated for all PAST and future appointments. 

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