TheraNest users with Billing permissions or higher can complete the Set Payment Amount field. 


TheraNest users with  Administrator rights are able to set up how they wish for their customers to pay. Service types or Income. Also, can setup those income levels. 

What is a Set Payment Amount?

Every TheraNest client has a field on their details page that says :

Set Payment Amount (overrides default)

What this means is whatever payment amount you put in that field is what the client will be charged. So let's say you setup a Service Type for $150 and had a client named, Jane Doe book an appointment with that service type. Well if Jane has anything in her Set Payment Amount field on her details, that will be the amount the invoice will be created for. Not the $150. 

You can use this field if you charge by income level or most commonly called sliding scale. However, this is optional. TheraNest will input the Set Payment Amount automatically when you fill in the field, "Annual Family Income."

Bill by Income

  1. In the primary navigation bar click Organization. You will be navigated to the Settings tab. 
  2. Locate the Bill Clients by field
  3. Click on the dropdown and click Income Based.
  4. Click the green Save button in the right corner. Allow page to refresh.
  5. After saving, go to the Income Based Payment Amounts tab. 
  6. Enter payment ranges starting with the lowest pay range first. 
  7. Enter in a minimum and maximum for each range.
  8. Enter in a payment amount for each range.
  9. Click Save

You can then go to a Client's details page, type in an amount for Annual Family Income, and watch the Set Payment Amount field auto-populate. You can still change that field to anything even after it auto-populates. 

This amount will override the Payment Ranges or Service Types set organization-wide when you create an invoice for this client. Of course, you can still enter any amount you want during invoice creation.

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