TheraNest provides the ability to place multiple individual clients into a single group. The group will have its own set of appointments and it's own case. Within the case each group member can have their own note and treatment plan. Click here to learn more about how group notes work.  Any TheraNest user can create a group

First make sure you've already added all soon-to-be members of the group as active clients in your TheraNest account. 

  1. Click on Clients in your primary navigation bar
  2. Click on Groups in the side navigation bar
  3. Click the New Group button
  4. Enter Group Name and select the type of Group.
    Note: The type of group doesn't change the setup or structure of the group. It's just an FYI for you. 
  5. Enter client names by typing name then selecting the name from the drop down list.
  6. Click Save

You now have a new group in TheraNest!

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