TheraNest users with Billing Permissions will be able to add payers to TheraNest.

Add A Payer

  1. Click on Billing in the Primary Navigation bar.
  2. You will automatically be on the insurers section. Click Add New Insurer. 
  3. Add Insurer Name and Insurance Type. If an insurer is missing from the list, select Other. Begin typing the Insurer Name to see available options. Once selected, TheraNest will automatically fill in the insurer's Payer ID for you.
  4. Complete the insurer's address. 
  5. If you have legacy Insurer IDs, you can enter it under Additional Insurer ID (i.e., Taxonomic Code).
  6. Use the boxes below to adjust the EDI file structure to the way you see fit.
  7. Click Save.
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