1. Click Organization from the primary navigation bar. You will be navigated to the Settings tab.
  2. Set up the Organization's Profile by filling out the fields on the page, like Organization Name, Time Zone, Date Format, etc. Diagnostic Codes are set to use DSM-V by default. 
  3. Enter your Organization NPI and Facility NPI if you have one.
  4. Enter location address and billing location if it differs from your location address.
  5. You can upload your company logo that will appear on invoices, superbills, receipts, progress notes and the first page of your intake packet (via client portal).

Please note: Currently, your logo will show on the first page of the completed Intake Forms no matter if it's our template or a custom intake template. Currently it is not an option to add a logo to print on custom forms. We are planning to add the ability to add logos to custom forms in the future.

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