If a therapist is listed to use the Client Portal, then they have control over which service types and locations can be booked on the Client Portal using the self-scheduling tool.

Click on My profile > Client Portal Settings

Your Self-Scheduling settings are divided into three sections: Service Types, Notifications, and Locations.

  1. Mark the box next to each Service Type that you will allow to be booked for you via the Client Portal.  If nothing is marked the client will be unable to book an appointment with you.
  2. Choose your notification settings. You will receive an in-app badge notification of a new unconfirmed appointment, but you also have the option to receive an email notification. If you wish to be emailed as well then mark that box. 
  3. You can input all the locations where an appointment can be booked for you. Your default location in your profile will be the first location displayed. Your client will choose the location if there are multiple options.

Below are images of the Client Portal from the client's perspective

After the client chooses the staff member when self-scheduling they will be presented with the option to choose the location. The option will only show if the staff member put in their settings more than one location. If more than one location is not available they will not have the option to choose. It will default to the staff's profile location.

Only the Service Types marked by the therapist will appear in the Client Portal when a client attempts to create an appointment with the therapist.

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