Therapists subscribed to the client portal can make their own settings. 

Before You Begin

Service types will not appear till you set your own personal settings.

The calendar availability you have created will be the same availability in the client portal. There is not a way to have different availability at this time. 

Access and Set Settings

  1. Click on your name in the top-right corner of TheraNest
  2. Choose Client Portal Settings from the dropdown.
  3. Mark the box next to each Service Type that you will allow to be booked via the Client Portal.  If nothing is marked the client will be unable to book an appointment with you.
  4. Choose your notification settings. You will receive an in-app badge notification of a new unconfirmed appointment, but you also have the option to receive an email notification. If you wish to be emailed as well then mark that box. 
  5. You can input all the locations where an appointment can be booked for you. Your default location in your profile will be the first location displayed and cannot be removed. Your client will choose the location if there are multiple options. There is not a way to dictate a location on a particular day of the week. 
  6. Click the green Save Settings button.

Here is what the client will see when they book an appointment via the portal:

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