Activating Payroll Payout

  1. Click Organization > Settings > Payroll Payout Settings on the far right.
  2. To activate the Payroll feature click the checkbox for "Use TheraNest to track payouts owed therapists." All staff members with permissions of Therapist, Admin, and Organization Admin will show with their Payout Rate. By default, all therapists are set up to 100% rate from Jan 1, 1970.

Edit Staff Member's Payout Rate

  1. Click Setup to the right of the appropriate staff member name.
  2. Adjust the existing payout rate as necessary. The default rate can not be removed as it is used for calculations.
  3. To add a new rate, click the New Payout Rate button.
  4. Select the Active Date and enter the Payout percentage for your rate. There can be no duplicate Active Dates. Active Date can't be set as future date, only for today or a past date.
  5. Click Save after the Payout Rates have been entered or updated. The rates will show on the Payroll Payout Settings for the account.

For example, based on the image below:

  • The rate of 40% was active from October 1, 2015, until October 31, 2015.
  • The rate of 50% was active from November 1, 2015, until November 30, 2015.
  • The rate of 60% is active from December, 1 2015, until present.

To remove a rate click the X to it's right.

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