Must have Administrator permissions

Assign Staff

  1. Click Staff in the primary navigation, then click the Permissions button adjacent to the staff member who will require supervisory review.
  2. Make sure that Therapist level permissions are enabled and then click the box below labeled Notes require supervisory review.
  3. Enter the supervisor to review the notes, then choose the role for the supervisor from the dropdown menu.
  • Can Access Patient Notes: This role can be assigned to a peer or colleague that does not have TheraNest admin rights. This peer will be assigned to all cases of their supervisee. This is so they can review notes. They will not be asked to approve or sign the notes. 
  • Must Review and Approve All Notes: When the supervisee completes their note the supervisor will be alerted to approve the note. Once the note is approved by the supervisor no changes to the note can be made other than the supervisee being able to sign the note. Not even a TheraNest admin can undo an approval or unlock a note from being changed. This level does not require the supervisor signature but it will allow for it. 
  • Must Review and Co-sign All notes: Supervisor is alerted once a supervisee completes their note. The supervisor then sees the option to sign the note. Once supervisor signs the note the supervisee will also be alerted and will see the option to co-sign. If changes to the note need to be made a TheraNest admin can remove the signatures and changes can be made.

4. Click Save Permissions to save your changes.

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