Only TheraNest Administrators can add or edit staff member's permissions. 

  1. Choose Staff from the primary navigation.
  2. Choose which staff member to edit by clicking the appropriate Permissions button in your list of staff members.
  3. Choose the permissions to grant to the staff member and click Save Permissions.

To learn more about Managing Staff members permissions watch our training on Managing Clients and Staff. 

Frequent Questions:

How do I assign a therapist to only see their own clients?
 - Select the box Can view only assigned client information within the Therapist column

What do I do if I want a therapist to see notes and billing information for only their clients?
 - Enable permissions in the Billing column and select the Can view only assigned client information box from the Therapist column.

How do I assign supervisors?
 - Click here to learn about Assigning Supervisors to Review Therapist Notes

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